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Party Enrollment Change
- Party Enrollment Change deadline for the August 23, 2022 Federal Primary Election is August 11, 2022. All enrollment requests received by that date will be processed and be effective immediately. Any Party Enrollment Change received after that date will become effective after August 30, 2022, as well as going forward through February 14, 2023.

Department of Public Works
- Closure of County 32, starting September 20th, between NYS Route 23 and NYS Route 320, Town of Norwich. Click on PSA CR 32 for more information.


Welcome to the Chenango County Web Site.  Chenango County is located in the Central part of New York State.  We believe our County provides opportunities for an idyllic rural quality lifestyle.  There are 21 Towns, 8 Villages and 1 City within our County.  Each municipality provides various opportunities for recreation, shopping and other leisure-related activities.  The County has over 79,959 acres of State-owned public lands that provide year-round outdoor recreational opportunities.  We encourage you to visit our site, send an email or drop by for a visit.