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Health Education

The Chenango County Department of Public Health staff is available to set up educational displays, present to groups, and can provide information on a variety of topics (see list of topics we cover for more details). We also attend health-fairs and help employers to plan a wellness event. Please call (607)-337-1660 with any interests.

Public Health Education


  • CHRONIC DISEASE - Asthma, Cardiac, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Stroke, Nutrition, Cholesterol, Obesity/BMI, Physical Activity/Pyramid, Portion Control, Other Chronic Diseases
  • CHRONIC DISEASE/CANCER - Cancer, Tobacco/Quitting, Mammogram, Skin, Men’s Health, Women’s Health
  • DENTAL - Sealants, Fluoride, Bottle Mouth, Sugary Drinks/ Encouraging Water
  • IMMUNIZATION - Pandemic, Flu/Pneumonia, Immunizations
  • LEAD
  • STD/HIV - Specific Diseases and HIV, HIV Testing Law: Must Ask, 50 Plus Age group
  • INJURY CONTROL - Bike/ helmets, Sunburn, Shaken Baby, Pool, Fire, Car Seats/Seatbelts, Poison Prevention, Senior Safety, Farm, SIDS and Safe Sleep, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Violence, Distracted Driving, Bullying, Other Injury Control
  • PRIMARY/PREVENTATIVE CARE - Child Abuse/Neglect, Parenting, Family Planning, Feeding Practices, Growth and Development, Prenatal Care, Early Intervention, Health Insurance, Other Primary/Prevent, Breastfeeding
  • COMMUNICABLE DISEASE - Rabies, Hand Washing, Tattoos, Lyme’s Disease/ Ticks, Head Lice, Bed Bugs,Other Disease
  • DISASTER PREPAREDNESS - first aid, emergency kits, floods, power outages