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Highway Department

Normal working hours 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Highways and Bridges

The Chenango County Department of Public Works is responsible for 308 centerline miles of roadways and 142 bridges within Chenango County.

Dead Deer

One of this department's responsibilities is to collect dead deer along any of our 308 miles of County roads. To report a dead deer, please call (607) 337-1715. The department does not collect any other animals.

Snow and Ice Removal

It takes between 3-31/2 hours to complete one snow and ice route. If you see a truck pass by your house at 6 a.m. you probably will not see that truck again until 9 or 9:30 a.m. There are typically 19 snowplows working to remove the snow and ice at any one time.

Broken Windshields

If you believe you received a broken windshield due to a county vehicle you need to call (607) 337-1710 and complete an accident report.

Mailbox Damage

The County policy regarding damage to mailboxes is such that the County is only responsible for any damage done to mail boxes within the County highway rights-of-way if it is physically hit by a county plow..

Purchases and Payments


Mike Seymour
Purchasing Agent
(607) 337-1717


Tena Neubauer
Senior Account Clerk
(607) 337-1710

Work Permits

Select the proper downloadable forms below. Print, fill out and mail to:

Chenango County Highway Dept.
79 Rexford St.
Norwich, NY 13815

Highway Work Permit
Driveway Permit

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