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General Information

County Office Building

The Office of the County Clerk is one that is steeped in history and tradition and yet an office prepared to face the future challenges of government. A "Constitutional Officer" the Clerk is elected for a term of four years. The Clerk never runs to fill an unexpired term, but for a full term.

Tracing its heritage to Medieval England, the clerk was appointed by the king to travel with the circuit judge. The clerk was responsible for maintaining the court files, documenting land transactions, and representing the crown at local occasions.

Over 700 years have passed since these early days and the Clerk is still responsible for land records, court records, and is an officer of the county.

The information provided here allows the Clerk's Office to outline our duties and responsibilities and can be used as a reference.

Hon. Mary C. Weidman
Chenango County Clerk

Clerk Duties

The duties and responsibilities of the Clerk are many and varied:

Commissioner of Deeds

  • Records deeds; powers of attorneys; probated wills (as they relate to real property); survey maps; notices of pendency; affidavits; building and loan agreements; land contracts; highway appropriations.


  • Records mortgages; satisfactions/discharges of mortgages; assignment of mortgages; consolidation of mortgages.
  • Files federal tax liens; uniform commercial codes (UCC’s related to real property); Chattel mortgages.
  • Maintains consolidated lien docket.

Clerk of the Supreme Court

  • Files civil papers; separation agreements; (historical naturalization papers); money judgments; judgments and orders.
  • Maintains civil docket; court files.
  • Signs judgment rolls; default judgments; NYS Dept of Health divorce certificates.
  • Accepts passport applications.

Clerk of County Courts

  • Responsible
- civil and criminal files
  • Files
- civil papers, money judgments, judgments & orders, and small claims assessment reviews.
  • Maintains
- civil dockets, court files, Court and Trust Records
  • Signs
- judgment rolls, default judgments, transcripts of judgment
  • Receives
- payment for fines and surcharges

Permit Issuing Officer

  • Issues veteran’s vendor permits; and processes pistol permit licenses.

Commissioner of Motor Vehicles

  • Maintains a County motor vehicle office –
    Registrations; licenses; permits; financial security; political subdivisions; for hire; CDL’s; road tests; conditional and restricted licenses.

Records Management Officer

  • Oversees the permanent or temporary storage of all county records.
  • Grants permission for the disposition of county records.

Chief Notary of the County

  • Oversees the notary renewal process and maintains files.
  • Enforces notary laws.
  • Provides certification of notary’s signature.

County Filing Officer

  • Files corporations; business certificates; partnerships oaths of office; bonds; supervisors’ proceedings; highway designations; hazardous waste sites; administrative court orders; military discharges; sheriff’s certificates.

Clerk Responsibilities

  • "… shall perform the duties prescribed by law as register, and be the clerk of the supreme court and clerk of the county court. …shall perform such additional and related duties as may be prescribed by law and directed by the Board of Supervisors."
    (County Law Article 12 §525.1)
  • AND
  • "… shall provide at the expense of the county, all books, files and other necessary equipment for the filing, recording and depositing of documents, maps, papers in actions and special proceedings of both civil and criminal nature, judgment and lien dockets and books for the indexing of the same as directed or authorized by law."
    (County Law Article 12 §525.2)

Archivist Duties

Chenango County Deeds, Mortgages & Lis Pendens

  • Deeds and Mortgages from 1798 to present
  • Survey maps from about 1810 to present. (Note, the filing of a survey is not mandatory unless related to a subdivision and many elect not to file their maps.)
  • Chenango County Atlas for 1855, 1863 and 1875

Military Records

  • From about 1865 to present we have military discharges on record. (Please Note: Military discharges are a sealed record for 100 years and are open only to the named veteran or to the New York State Department of Veteran’s Affairs located at 4434 County Road 32, Oxford, New York 13838. Phone: 607-843-3299.)
  • We also have NYS Officers & Men of NYS Volunteer Regiments, Vol. II, Regiments 39 to 67. (The book is located with our census materials.)

Census Books

  • State and Federal Census Books 1850, 1855, 1860, 1875, 1905, 1915 and 1925.

Naturalization Records

  • Declarations of Intent & Naturalizations from September 5, 1859 to about late 1980’s.

Birth, Death and Marriage Records

  • Birth, death and marriage records are maintained by the local registrars of vital statistics. They can be contacted by using the Chenango County Directory of County, Town and Village Officials which is issued annually by the County Clerk. The New York State Department of Health also maintains similar records in Albany.

County Laws / County Departments

"In the event of a failure of the board of supervisors to select a chairman on or before February first, the county clerk of the county shall appoint a member of the board as chairman, who shall serve until the end of the calendar year in which he is appointed."
Per County Law Article 4, § 151 Section 5

"In case of a vacancy in the office of chairman, the clerk of the board of supervisors shall call a meeting of the members of the board upon like notice as provided in subdivision one, at which a successor person so selected shall serve as chairman of the board for the unexpired term of the previous chairman. In the event of failure of the board to select such chairman within thirty days after the vacancy shall have occurred, the county clerk shall appoint a member of the board as chairman, who shall serve until the end of the calendar year in which he is appointed."
County Law Article 4, § 151 Section 7

Regarding the organizational meeting of the board of supervisors, "In the event of death, inability or failure of the clerk of the board of supervisors to call any such meeting to organize the board and select a chairman . . . Notice of such meeting shall be served by the county clerk in like manner and time as provided for service of notice by the clerk of the board in subdivision one."
County Law Article 4, § 151 Section 2

The County Clerk is the official custodian of the Court seals and all official seals must be on record in the Clerk’s office. "A description of each of such seals, together with the impressions therefrom, shall be filed in the office of the county clerk and in the office of the secretary of state."
Per County Law Article 8, § 404