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Attention Chenango County Voters - Board of Elections
If an individual representing a Board of Elections employee visits your home, please don’t engage with -them, and call our office immediately at 607-337-1760. This as been happening across the state within the last week and these individuals have no association with our office.

Poll Worker Recruitment - Board of Elections
Recruiting for poll workers to join our ranks to be ready for new voting machine in November. Certification training will be offered in mid-September, and, upon successful completion of certification exam, poll workers will be trained on the duties of this job, as well as the new machines. Poll workers are compensated for their time. If you have questions or would like more information, please email the Chenango County Board of Elections at boe@co.chenango.ny.us or contact Democratic Election Commissioner Carly Hendricks, 607-337-1765 or Republican Election Commissioner Mary Lou Monahan, 607-337-1764. The Presidential Election year is in 2024, so if you have been thinking about becoming a poll worker, now is a great time!


Welcome to the Chenango County Web Site.  Chenango County is located in the Central part of New York State.  We believe our County provides opportunities for an idyllic rural quality lifestyle.  There are 21 Towns, 8 Villages and 1 City within our County.  Each municipality provides various opportunities for recreation, shopping and other leisure-related activities.  The County has over 79,959 acres of State-owned public lands that provide year-round outdoor recreational opportunities.  We encourage you to visit our site, send an email or drop by for a visit.