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Department of Weights and Measures


To enforce Article 16 of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law and the New York Code of Rules and Regulations 1NYCRR Parts 220-224 and 345.

Device Inspection and Testing

All commercial weighing and measuring devices are inspected and tested for accuracy at least once per year. Devices that are used heavily may be inspected and tested more frequently at the discretion of the county director. Devices that are found to be within the applicable tolerances set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology are given a vinyl seal that is stamped with the month and year of the inspection. Chenango County does not charge inspection fees. Examples of devices that are inspected and tested include:
  • Computing scales at supermarkets, butcher shops, delicatessens
  • Petroleum pumps at gas stations and the airport
  • Vehicle scales at scrap yards, sand/gravel pits, transfer stations, and the landfill
  • Petroleum meters on fuel oil delivery trucks
  • Bulk milk tanks on dairy farms
  • Scales used for buying diamonds, gold, silver, and other precious metals

Package Control

Periodically inspections are conducted to examine the net contents of packaged consumer goods. This includes items packaged by the establishment such as meat in a supermarket as well as products bought and sold already packaged such as bags of mulch at a home improvement store. Packages are also inspected for required label content.

Pricing Accuracy Inspections

An establishment that is selling products at retail directly to consumers must display the price of each item either physically on the item or on easy to read tags or signs above, below or adjacent to the item. A pricing accuracy inspection determines if the price shown for an item is the same price that is given when it is rung up at a register. Depending on the size and type of store, between 25 and 200 items are selected randomly to be checked. A store must have a 98% accuracy rate in order to pass an inspection.

Petroleum Quality Program

Through a contract with New York State, the Chenango County Department of Weights and Measures participates in the Petroleum Quality Program. This program takes samples of gasoline and diesel fuels from gas stations in the county, at random, throughout the year and has the fuel chemically analyzed by a third party laboratory. Parameters that are examined include the octane level and the ethanol content of gasoline and the cetane rating and sulfur content of diesel fuel.


Consumer complaints about petroleum product quality or short weight/measure products are investigated only when the complainant supplies their name and phone number when filing their complaint. If making a complaint, please have as much information about the transaction as possible, such as the gas pump or register number that was used for the transaction. To file a complaint, call 607-337-1710 or email

More Information

New York State Bureau of Weights and Measures
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Eric A. Davis, Director
(607) 226-1426