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Chenango County on a map of New York State

Educational Recycling Programs

Educational programs on recycling as well as tours of the Landfill and the recycling facilities are available by contacting Dustin Hendricks, Waste Management Program Assistant.

  • Phone (607) 337-1792
  • Email:dhendricks@co.chenango.ny.us.
  • Mandatory Recycling

    The following list contains items that are required to be recycled under current regulatory controls:

    • #2 HDPE PLASTIC BOTTLES & JUGS (Please remove caps) - Solid or milky colored plastic jugs and bottles. Look for the HDPE symbol. Containers must be rinsed or well drained with caps removed. Labels may remain.
    • NEWSPAPER - Keep clean and dry. Newspapers may be packed in brown paper bags. Entire newspaper as delivered may be recycled.
    • CORRUGATED CARDBOARD, BROWN BAGS AND BOXBOARD (Please break down all boxes) - Corrugated cardboard has the wavy interior. Keep cardboard clean, dry and flattened to save space. Clean brown paper grocery bags and brown Kraft wrapping paper. Boxes like cereal, shoe, food and tissue boxes. Remove plastic film & liners.
    • GLASS CONTAINERS - Glass food and beverage containers. Containers must be rinsed and caps removed. Labels may remain. Clear, green and brown glass must be separated.
    • METAL FOOD CANS - All metal food cans, including steel, tin and aluminum cans must be washed. Labels may remain. All metal caps from glass jars.
    • LEAVES AND YARD WASTE & BRUSH - Leaves, needles, pine cones, wood chips, weeds, remains of garden plants & old hay. Brush under 4" in diameter.
    • WET CELL BATTERIES - Automobile, lawn mower, motorcycle-type batteries containing acid. Please take care to store old batteries out of reach of children and pets!
    • ALL DRY CELL BATTERIES –Terminals must be taped.
    • USED MOTOR OIL & ANTI-FREEZE - Used motor oil accepted at the North Norwich & Brisben Facilities. Maximum 5 gallons per resident per visit.

    Voluntary Recycling

    The following list contains items that may be recycled:

    • #1 PETE- PLASTIC BOTTLES and Tubs - Bottle and jar type containers only. Solid color and clear. Look for the PETE symbol. Caps must be removed.
    • MAGAZINES AND JUNK MAIL - Magazines, coupons, white and manila envelopes, old mail, sweepstakes coupons, notebook paper (any color), office and computer paper, FAX paper, NCR paper, and gift wrap.
    • SCRAP METAL - Any scrap metal item: aluminum, tin, steel, copper, and etc.
    • PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS (may be recycled at a participating retailer)
    • COMPUTER TOWERS & ALL ELECTRONICS - Free (Except CRT Monitors)
    • FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS - (limit 2 per resident per visit)

    Items NOT ACCEPTED for Recycling

    The following list contains items that may not be recycled. These items are accepted as garbage. **THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST**

    • Ceramics
    • Light Bulbs
    • Crystal
    • Drinking Glasses
    • Household Dishes
    • Pyrex
    • Plastic Lined Bags
    • Mirror Glass
    • Window Glass
    • Styrofoam
    • Plastic Film
    • Soda or Beer Boxes
    • #3 PVC Plastic
    • #4 LDPE Bottles
    • #6 Polystyrene
    • Waxy or Plastic Coated Boxes
    • Diapers
    • Potato Chip Bags
    • Candy Wrappers
    • Rubber Bands
    • CDs/DVDs/VHS and Cassette Tapes
    • Hoses
    • Latex Gloves
    • Utensils
    • PVC Pipe
    • Used Tissues/Paper Towels
    • Prescription/Non-prescription Drugs
    • #7 Other
    • Vacuums
    • Furniture

    Disposal at Pharsalia Landfill Only

    Asbestos MUST be placed in appropriate bags or lined containers and taken to the Pharsalia Landfill with 24 hours notice given to the scale operator. Bags are available for purchase at all sites.

    • Asbestos Bags.............................$1.00/bag, (Bag only)
    • Disposal of Asbestos......................$4.00/bag or $85/Ton
    ALL Sludge must have prior approval from the Department.
    • Solid or Semi-Solid Liquid Waste from Sewage or Water Treatment Plants and NonHazardous Industrial and Commercial Sludge......$70/Ton

    Additional Guidelines


    • All recycling must be clean and dry with caps removed.
    • Hazardous wastes as defined by NYS and Federal Regulation, liquids, including paint and motor oil, and wet cell batteries are prohibited in with garbage.
    • Dry or solid paint can be accepted as garbage.
    • Hot ashes are prohibited. Ashes must be in clear plastic bags for deposit at all 3 sites.
    • No open burning law, call (607) 337-1792 for more information.
    • Insulin needles are accepted at the scale houses. Please ask the weigh station operator about proper disposal procedures.
    • CLEAR BAG POLICY: All bagged refuse must be in clear plastic bags.

    Chenango County Recycles